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Let’s make it happen

Experiencing Life in America


Everett Washington – It’s been a week I am staying in America and it has been my forth days staying at Everett city in Washington. Before I was around 4 days in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is awesome city with windy comes almost all the time.

First feeling…Happy, excited, weird, jetlag, but keep moving and think positive to adjust myself to everything new here. But Everett is just perfect, even it is kind of quiet city but I love it. Everything is new, new friends, new activities, and new challenges. I just was being so grateful to be here.

Now, I am starting to adjust myself to my environment, weather, food – thinking to have a healthy life, international people around, friends, community and etc. It’s just full of fun.

Everett is the country seat  of and the largest city in Snohomish Country , Washington United States. It is on the north of Seattle.

The summer is just lovely, well it was pretty hot though compare to Chicago. The street is just clean, no traffic jam yet, the people I met are just lovely and nice. As for the houses here, is kinda unique. People in Everett tend to have house with wider garden. They really pretty much to see the green things around. I must admit that is a very good example to create a green and fresher air. Another good things that I found here, it is walking path, yep, here they have walking path that is totally for walking and cycling. Indonesia must concern more to the walkers/bikers. Also trashes, here people has high concern to the trash and keep it the environment clean. Well, there will be more places need to explore.It’s going to be so much fun…to be continue


How to Success Tips : Study Aboard Scholarship

“Plan What You Do & Do What You Plan” ~unknown

That word inspires me to keep moving getting my scholarship. Finally after such a long way run, I did it. It was the best gift ever from Allah this year in my life.  I would love to share how we can easily getting the scholarship based on my own experience. Some people might say it is not easier, it’s difficult; it’s only for smart people and seems impossible for average one and so on. Well, let’s say, all those comment are true, yet nothing wrong cuz each people has it’s own perspective.

Me, myself, I wouldn’t care with what people say, it’s all about yourself. It’s all about how serious you are keep trying how to make your dreams come true. I am a scholarship hunter, I ll never give up to make what I believe come true.

There are thousands of scholarship offer, the basic important thing is Ask yourself, What kind of scholarship you want? This willeasier your way to success in getting scholarship.  Based on my experience, in 2009, after I graduated from Mathematics department, I was still in high passion in Statistic, Mathematic. I always thought that maybe I am gonna trying to get the scholarship in any field as it has relation in Math. Well, the fact is, as I worked as a journalist. Later I change my mind. I want to improve my journalism skill; I guess this field will be more suitable for me.

After I decided to ask myself what study I want to take, Next is Searching more information  for any possibility scholarship that offer your program. Honestly, it will not as easy as it said, it needs seriousness. Then Study The Requirement Detail of your scholarship program. Generally the standard requirements to apply scholarship are TOELF/IELTS score, SoP (Statement of Purpose), Curriculum Vitae, Minimum score of GPA, Recommendation Letter.  

Note that you must prepare yourself all those general requirement to make your application can be submit on time. If you late to submit, then you need to wait by next year to apply again. It rarely the foundation will give extra time to submit application scholarship.

The rest is just waiting; your scholarship application is on process. Think Positive, You will success to achieve your scholarship.

Don’t be afraid of failure in this process, its normal thing that all the success people must be going through. Keep trying more and evaluated what is need to improve in your application. Last but not the least Just Be confident & Do your best.

Here’s some scholarship link :

1.    United State of America
AMINEF-Fullbright Scholarships

2.    Australia

3.    United Kindom
BRITISH COUNCIL-Chevening Scholarships

4.    The New Zealand Aid Programme  (NZAID)

5.    NEC-Netherlands Fellowship Programmes


7.    DAAD-Germany

Those link are example of some scholarship from all over the world, you can explore more to search specific scholarship the internet. It’s time to make your scholarship come true, Do it now ^.^/

Sharing the amazing experience my first time RAFTING  exploring the wild river in Citatih, Sukabumi, West Java.

I love my weekend so much because finally i got chance to do rafting, it’s been since long time i always wanted to do this water sport game. I had lots of time on my first rafting time, i was afraid, cuz i cant swim anyway- but yesterday, i challenge myself out to try it.

My rafting was exciting experience, i was explore the wild river in Citatih with beautiful view. The amazing adventure in the river with guide cherokee adventure. Our starting point at Desa Bojongkerta, and it will be finish point at Desa Leuwilalay, with the distance around 12 km, and the total time by 2,5 hours. 

“Challenge Yourself To Do What You Afraid OFF, It’s feels Good..” 

– Ratna Keys –

It was the first time for all of us, crazily but fun, yet we had the professional guide Pak Yusuf – he was hilarious one who made us work on good team to reach the finish line with so much fun and good sharing.

Dont be afraid, keeep moving and smile….*your on camera*

Yeeeaaaaaa….we did it 😀

This all the  Rafting crew – Sukabumi 9-10 June 2012 –

with all the market & stock reporters.

Special Thanks to our  sponsor : Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

Read, Read, and Read

“Read, read, read. Read everything — trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it.

Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You’ll absorb it.

Then write. If it’s good, you’ll find out. If it’s not, throw it out of the window.”
William Faulkner


Its been long time, i didn’t spend my time to reading. It’s just because crazy work that I have been doing lately.

However, I must back to read again, there’s some book in my room that waiting me to open them and read. I used spend time for 30 minuts reading before sleeping, but it’s been almost two months, I always have an excuse not to read again :P.  

Realizing that how important reading is, especially, i have to practice more to read long story in English in order to improve my reading skills.  I am about to have another test, it’s kinda like ESL test (English Second Language) test to determine my English score.

Quickly, I goggling how important reading for English leaner : well, this is the answer i found http://esl.fis.edu/parents/advice/read.htm

“However, there is a further, very important reason why ESL students should try to develop their reading skills: Educational researchers have found that there is a strong correlation between reading and academic success

Good readers can understand the individual sentences and the organizational structure of a piece of writing. They can comprehend ideas, follow arguments, and detect implications.

They know most of the words in the text already, but they can also determine the meaning of many of the unfamiliar words from the context – failing this, they can use their dictionary effectively to do so.

In summary, good readers can extract from the writing what is important for the particular task they are employed in. And they can do it quickly!

also :

Educational researchers have also found a strong correlation between reading and vocabulary knowledge.

In other words, students who have a large vocabulary are usually good readers. This is not very surprising, since the best way to acquire a large vocabulary is to read extensively, and if you read extensively you are likely to be or become a good reader!

—————————– -_- —————————————–

Absolutely, that’s motivate me more now, to read more and try to change my reading subject with the English one. well, i also want to share more about everyone who coisidently read my blog and get motivate to start practice English reading, here’s i found some tips to determine what kind of English reading types.

^_^ Enjoy Reading & Practice  

source : http://ababasoft.com/speedreading/sq3r2.htm

Five types of Reading

Scanning type of reading

For example, scanning a telephone book:

  • You are looking for it quickly.
  • You know what you are searching for (key words and names).
  • You ‘see’ every item on the page, but you don’t necessarily read the pages – you ignore anything you are not looking for. Thus, when you discover the key words being searched for, you will be unable to recall the exact content of the page.

Skimming type of reading

When you read quickly to gain a general impression as to whether the text is of use to you. You are not necessarily searching for a specific item and key words. Skimming provides an ‘overview’ of the text. Skimming is useful to look at chapter/section headings, summaries and opening paragraphs. The purpose of skimming:

  • To check relevance of text.
  • Sets the scene for the more concentrated effort that is to follow, if the text is useful.

Light type of reading

Reading for leisure tends to be ‘light’:

  • Read at a pace which feels comfortable.
  • Read with understand.
  • Skim the boring, irrelevant passages.

An average light reading speed is 100-200 words per minute. This form of reading does not generally require detailed concentration.

Word by word type reading

This type of reading is time consuming and demands a high level of concentration. Some material is not readily understood and so requires a slow and careful analytical read. People use this type of reading for unfamiliar words and concepts, scientific formulae. It can take up to an hour just to read a few lines of text.

Reading to study type of reading

A method of reading for study is called SQ3R2, (SQ3R, SQ4R, PSQ5R) the aim is to understand the material in some depth. The method involves five simple steps; Survey, Question, Read, Recall and Review.

  • Survey: skim through to gain an overview and not key points.
  • Question: devise questions you hope the text will answer.
  • Read: slowly and carefully.
  • Recall: from memory, write down the main points made by the chapter.
  • Review: revisit your questions – compare these to your recall and establish how well the text has answered them; fill in any gaps by further reading and note-taking.

As for me it’s all about how to practice and speed reading is just try to enjoy your reading time, pick any book or topic that interest you most.

It’s time to achieve your dreams through reading 😉

Happy reading all 😀

“We are given everything we need to have the lives we want.” – my Dad

I have been dreaming to continue my study aboard, ever since after I graduate from my bachelor degree. Finally, this year, God makes my dreams come true, I got my scholarship, it’s called CCIP 2012 (College Community Initiative Program) from American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF).  

How I feel blessed after such long time to wait, I failed many times, but my heart keep saying ….

Never Give Up to achieve Ur Big Dreams, cuz You Know You Can Make It True.

But what I have to achieve my big dreams.., I have been trying lots and failed lots too, I get frustrated, almost give up, Once I read a book (forgot the title), I quote the words said:

“Your inner strengths, your natural abilities and everyday skills are the gateway to a brighter future.”

It make me realized that I have my inner strengths that will drive me to achieve my dreams, all I need to do just prepare myself more to develop my skills that will bring me to the top of success.

All i need is just to make a better personal change for my success , I cant be success if I am still have coward minded , but wants to fly higher, such a looser, then takes time for me before finally I choose to reset my mindset, to think big and be brave more to create my success future, with a grateful heart.

Since I meet the Initiative of Change (IofC) Indonesia, I felt I have made lot of personal change within myself. I regularly to do quite time (silent time).

Here’s I would like to share what I do to make a personal change : Read the rest of this entry »

Enjoy the little things in life,

for one day you’ll look back and realize,

they were the big things, – Robert Brault

My Short Trip Visiting Crude Palm Oil Plantation

Life is all bout experience the thing , I love to try new thing, grateful more that I got chance to visit Central Kalimantan. Here’s some pictures my short visit Central Kalimantan. I was invited by Crude Palm Oil Plantation – Citra Borneo Indah – to have a short plantation touring. It was really fun, yet the weather totally so hot, but after all, I love Kalimantan. As they have delicious food – mostly what i eat  sea food – Wish to be back again to have more adventure in other Kalimantan.

Landed by Trigana Air – Friday , 10.30 AM – Iskandar Airport Pangkalan Bun – Central Kalimantan


Touring to Palm Oil Plantation – Day 2 : 8 AM : Love the Blue sky 😉

What a beautiful sky and land – Plantation Area

What a incredible view – all you can see just green oil palm trees

This is the Fruit Crude Palm Oil (CPO) – Looks like grapes

Another incredible Kalimantan Read the rest of this entry »